Frequently asked questions

What funding information is available on

The Government Funding portal has information on grants for the voluntary sector from 16 participating government departments, over 30 independent grant administrators, over 150 local authorities and the nine English regions, as well as European funding streams.

Under Sources of Funding in the Help & Advice section of this website there are links to all government departments and Regional Development Agencies.

Is this website a government site?

No. This website is managed and administered by the registered charity the Directory of Social Change (DSC).

Can I have a trial subscription?

We do not have the resources to offer trial subscriptions. However you can see a demonstration of how the site works by using the Demo Function.

This provides examples of searching for funding using the website.

For further information about the Government Funding Portal and its content, please submit an enquiry.

Why does not include grant information on Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales?

Responsibility for the voluntary and community sector in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales has been devolved to the Northern Ireland Assembly, the Scottish Government and the Welsh Assembly respectively. Contact details as well as further information and links regarding the devolved administrations are available under Sources of Funding, in the Help & Advice section of this website.

Are there any other funding portals available?

Directory of Social Change also have Trust Funding, Company Giving and Grants for Individuals subscription websites as well as fundraising publications (click here for the books catalogue).

Are there grant schemes available to help the start-up costs/new project of a new business or social enterprise?

The majority of grant schemes shown on this website are for registered charities only, however some are available for statutory bodies and social enterprises. For businesses, the government's is a good place to start a search for funding, as it provides help and advice as well as a way to search for business development funding. Business Link also has information on starting up a social enterprise, for more information see: Develop Your Social Enterprise Idea.

Does this website advertise grants to individuals?

The grant schemes advertised on this website are designed primarily for organisations. The Directory of Social Change also provides a funding portal, Grants for Individuals, which lists funding opportunities for individuals that deal with variety of welfare and education-related causes, as well as funding directories aimed specifically at individuals.

Why am I not able to apply directly for grants from or request the status of my grant?

Directory of Social Change (DSC) manage the governmentfunding site, but we are not a grantmaking body. We do not assess applications or make decisions on funding. We try to inform people of general developments about the funding schemes on the site, but we also cannot comment on individual cases. To check the status of a grant scheme listed on the site you should contact the grant administrator in the relevant government department, whose contact details will be available at the bottom of the grant scheme details page.

Can I request an application form directly from the site?

Some schemes have online application procedures, in which case this will be clearly stated in the 'Application Procedure' section of the scheme page. However, for each scheme that is open to applications, application forms can normally be downloaded under the Applications heading at the bottom of the scheme page.

If you need a hard copy application form then you should contact the relevant grant administrator.

How do I maintain my account?

All multi user accounts have an account administrator. The administrator can add, remove and/or edit the account users once they have logged in at the Multi User Account Maintenance box at the right hand side of the homepage.

Each account has an account name and password and each individual has a separate login username (their email address) and password.

I want to make changes to the subscription profile

You can change contact details yourself via the site. Simply log on to the site and select Profile (in the green menu bar). (Note - when you change the email address this will become the new username also, and you will need to use the new address next time you want to log in). After you have finished, click on Submit to save your changes. If you have any problems please contact the team and we will change any details for you.

I cannot access a link from your email alert

If the link does not function in this way then you can copy and paste the whole address (for example into the address bar of your web browser. Doing this should take you to the relevant webpage.

Please Note: You must be logged in for this to work, otherwise you will go straight to the homepage.

How do I delete my profile/personal details

You cannot delete your own registration from the site. Please contact the team and we will delete your registration for you. This is usually done within 24 hours and you will be sent an email confirming that your details have been removed.

Why are 'Closed' Schemes Left on the site?

Even if schemes are not currently accepting applications we think there is still a value in providing information about them, especially since many grant schemes are cyclical and reopen on a regular basis.

We also regularly update as much of the information about 'closed' schemes as possible, particularly in the sections titled 'Latest Information', 'Previously Awarded Funds', and 'Application Procedure'.