Help with Local Authority Funding

What is a local authority?

Local Authorities are the branch of government that cover a local area such as a city or county. They are responsible for making decisions on behalf of the local community about local services, such as voluntary and community sector funding. Nearly all local authorities will make grants to the local voluntary and community sector, but each one will organise budgets, administration and support differently according to local conditions and resources. 

What is the local authority funding finder? 

The local authority funding finder is a database of all 150 local authorities in England. Each local authority entry provides an overview of funding given by these local authorities to voluntary and community sector groups. 

This research has been carried out in order to create a clearer picture of local authority funding to the voluntary and community sector. In many cases, we have been able to identify and comment on common themes occurring across authorities, such as how application processes take place, how budgets are managed, and how to find voluntary sector funding information on the majority of council websites. DSC hope to publish this information soon.  

What can I expect to find? 

In the local authority funding finder, you will be able to find information on each local authority’s arrangements for funding to voluntary and community sector groups.  

In each entry we have tried to include the most appropriate information available from our research. Each entry aims to include: 

  • contact details for each local authority;
  • an appropriate departmental contact;
  • an outline of relevant grant schemes;
  • links to useful council pages on external funding and VCS support;
  • links to local CVS and Voluntary Action branches.

How often will it be updated?

The local authority funding finder will be updated on an ongoing basis. If you would like to add to our information, or have any feedback, please email us at

How do I use the local authority funding finder?

To find funding from your local authority, simply select your local authority from the A-Z list and this will bring up an entry of the authority you have selected.

How was the research compiled?

This research has been conducted as efficiently and carefully as possible, through telephone interviews and internet research. Throughout the research process we made every effort to contact each local authority and obtain the relevant information from them. Unfortunately this was not always possible, however in these cases we will endeavour to obtain the appropriate information at a later stage.