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11.11.16 - New 2018-2022 Arts Council Budget Announced

Budgets for the 2018-22 investment period, alongside the Applicant Guidance for the National Portfolio have been announced by the Arts Council.

The Arts Council have set a budget of £622m per year across lottery and grant in aid for their three main funding streams: the National Portfolio, Grants for Arts and Culture, and strategic funds.

The three main funding streams – 2018-2022
National Portfolio (NPO)

A budget of £409 million will be available each year between 2018-22. This will include £341 million of grant-in-aid and £68 million of National Lottery funding.

An increase of £37 million per annum on the previous investment period (2015-18) will be used to help support the Arts Council’s ambition of achieving a 4 percentage point uplift in the proportion of the NPO budget spent outside London; support the integration of museums and libraries, for arts and museums’ activity into our portfolio; and bring new, small and diverse organisations into the portfolio.

Grants for Arts and Culture

The open access funding stream will see an increase in budget of £10 million per annum to £87.5 million during this investment round.

The increase will help support the integration of museums and libraries, who will now be able to apply to this funding stream for museums’ activity for the first time. It will also continue to help support thousands of individual artists, community and cultural organisations.

Strategic funds

Investment will remain broadly the same at £125 million per annum. The Arts Council’s strategic funds will continue to address gaps in the sector, such as enhancing diversity and increasing the reach of art and cultural activity in areas with low levels of engagement.

These budgets remain subject to a future grant in aid settlement from government and fluctuations in National Lottery income. Organisations will be welcomed into the National Portfolio for four years, though we will only be able to confirm levels of funding for 2018/19 and 2019/20.